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Our journey: The Road to Rising UP

We are the Trojans – proud students of West High School. In April 2013 we saw our hometown shaken and our schools broken. But we never lost hope. West is a small town with big pride. Most of us have lived here our whole lives. It was no surprise to see our community come together for each other. We were humbled, though, by the amazing show of support from across our state. We were taken in by our neighbors, cheered on by our school rivals and supported by our new friends throughout Texas. We are excited about what is to come in our small town and want to share our stories. Together, we will "Rise Up." This is our journey.

our stories

The Walls are Rising: Seeing Progress

"Bonded as One:" West ISD Groundbreaking

Maddison: The Story of a Very Important Comma

Meet the Trojans

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These students will be among the first to graduate in the fully restored West High School. Each will tell their story throughout the reconstruction process—their thoughts on life in the temporary campus, input on the new facilities and their involvement in the community's recovery. Check back often for video updates and their perspective of life inside West ISD as we rebuild.

Maddison Kettler

Class of '16

Favorite Sport: Softball

Position: Shortstop

Favorite Subjects: Math and Science

Mason Tobola

Class of '16

Favorite Sport: Football

Position: Quarterback

Favorite Hobbies: Fishing and Hunting

Griffin Paxton

Class of '16

Favorite Sports: Baseball and Basketball

Favorite Subjects: Math and Reading

Julia Wernet

Class of '17

Favorite Sports: Softball and Basketball

Favorite Subject: Algebra

Kearstyn Woodard

Class of '17

Favorite Sports: Volleyball and Basketball

Favorite Subject: Algebra

Griffin: The Temporary Campus