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The explosion of the West Fertilizer Plant on April 17, 2013 destroyed most of the school facilities in West, Texas. The following morning, the school district immediately started work on a plan to restore our district and bring our students back to West.


The Restore West ISD building program will occur in two phases.


Phase one: Restore West ISD

Temporary Facilities & Demolition

Phase One will allow all students to attend school in West ISD on the first day of school, August 26. Students in Grades Pre-K through 5 will attend school at West Elementary School, which received minimal damage in the explosion. Students in Grades 6 through 12 will be housed in temporary facilities located at the existing West Middle School site.


Phase One includes the demolition of multiple damaged structures at West Middle School to provide space for the temporary facilities, along with renovations of existing structures to be used in conjunction with the temporary facility. All structures will be removed with the exception of the:

• original 1923 2-story building

• single-story science/home economics building

• classroom annex building

•1967 gymnasium; and,

• foundation of the practice gymnasium and the cafeteria/kitchen building.


The temporary middle/high school site will consist of 17 temporary portable facilities, which are currently being manufactured, 10 portables that were donated by surrounding school districts and a temporary structure to cover the existing foundation and floor system saved from the original practice gymnasium.


Temporary Street Closures

Davis Street will be temporarily closed from Highland Street to Shook Street to provide additional room for the portables as well as protected student access to Trojan Stadium and the temporary parking that will be provided on the south end of the stadium.


Student Drop-off and Pick-up

• Buses will drop-off/pick-up from Shook Street to the south

• West Middle School parent drop-off/pick-up will occur along Marable Street to the west

• West High School drop-off/pick-up will take place along Davis Street to the northeast



Phase Two: Restore West ISD

Permanent Facilities


West Intermediate School/Transportation & Maintenance Facilities

West Intermediate School was the closest campus to the fertilizer plant site, suffering the most damage and was declared a complete loss. The entire campus will be demolished, but the existing site paving will stay in place as it will become temporary parking for the district’s transportation department. The existing track and field events located on the site will also stay in place at this time.


This site is currently scheduled to become the final location of the WISD transportation, maintenance and receiving facility.


West High School

West High School was the second-closest campus to the fertilizer plant site, suffering the majority of its damage on its north side. The functions housed in this area were predominately athletic functions, including two gymnasiums and locker room facilities. The competition gymnasium roof structure collapsed onto the playing surface and has been declared a complete loss, along with the rest of the campus’ north wing.


Phase Two of the Restore West ISD building program will include the reconstruction of a combined West High School and Middle School facility. This will also include the construction of a new track, associated field events, a baseball field and a softball field that was included in the bond election passed by voters in May 2012. These amenities are proposed to be located on the east side of the high school site. Construction is scheduled to begin in July 2014.


West Elementary School

West Elementary School was the furthest campus to the fertilizer plant site, suffering very minimal damage. It will receive minor renovations, such as: removing/replacing damaged ceilings, replacing damaged windows and general interior clean up. An addition to the existing cafeteria is also being discussed.



Please utilize this website throughout the rebuilding process for updates on the district's rebuilding program. West ISD is excited about taking steps toward restoring our district. Restore West ISD would not be possible without the strength and vitality of the community of West. We will "Rise Up"!


Schedules and scope are subject to change pending final resolution from the insurance company, the State of Texas and FEMA.