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Phase one: temporary facilities and renovations

Phase two: Rebuilding

July 2013: Demolition

West Intermediate School, Middle School and High School facilities that were identified as structurally unsound will be demolished.


July – August 2013: Trojan Stadium Restoration

Trojan Stadium was the site utilized for triage by immediate responders. Contaminants will be removed and minor renovations will occur at the Stadium facilities.


June – August 2014: West Elementary School Renovations & Addition

West Elementary School suffered minimal damage to the ceiling grid and windows and will be renovated to restore the facility to its previous condition. An addition to the cafeteria is under consideration.


August 5, 2013: Opening of Repaired Gym at Temporary Facility for Student Use


August 19, 2013: Teacher Move-in to Temporary Facility


August 26, 2013: First Day of School in the Temporary Facility

Temporary site for West Middle School and High School students will be constructed on the existing West Middle School site.

February 2014: Design Presented for New Middle/High School Campus


June 2014: Receive Construction Proposals for New Middle/High School Campus


July 2014: Begin Construction of New Middle/High School Campus


Summer 2016: Construction Completion of New Middle/High School Campus


August 2016: First Day of School

Schedules and scope are subject to change pending final resolution from the insurance company, the State of Texas and FEMA.